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Gwlynda is the owner of CR Wellness PEMF Therapy and a Certified Magnawave PEMF Practitioner. She uses the Magna Wave Semi, a high voltage, low-frequency machine, to provide PEMF Sessions to Equine, Livestock, Canine, Small Animals and Humans.

She has been actively showing and breeding AKC Registered English Bulldogs and Great Danes for the past 20 years and PEMF therapy treatments have kept her canine athletes healthy for the sport and breeding. Gwlynda currently owns four AKC Retired Great Danes and 1 French Bulldog which continues PEMF treatments weekly to maintain healthy. In her spare time, Gwlynda and her husband raising Hereford Cattle and run Country Ridge Ranch.

She looks forward to treating you and your animals to enable a healthy body. Contact Gwlynda today to learn more about PEMF and how it will improve yours and your animals’ health.


 We use the Magna Wave Semi!
It’s perfect for Equine, Livestock, Canine, Small Animals and Humans with short treatment times!

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Magnawaving is great for anyone! Magna Wave PEMF is the wave of the future for health and wellness.

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